smooth d

Smooth D

According to the book “Wired to Create” [1]there are 3 main “super factors” that are correlated with creativity: plasticity (openness to new experiences and drive for exploration), divergence (non-conformist mind-set and independent thinking, and convergence (conscientious, sensitive and persistent).

When I am confronted with a strange environment, unusual challenge or difficult person, I tend to defer to past modes of thought, action or emotion. I default to work, certain music, food, or person for comfort and feel that everything will right itself if I ignore and do what I always do. However, sometimes the universe or higher power has other plans, and I am catapulted into uncharted territory with no frame of reference and no map to follow. This shift produces new parameters, guidelines and means of expression.

This seismic shift happened to me summer of 2013. Every year, I commemorate and celebrate the life and contribution of my sister, Denise, who left her rented suit and made her transition back to stardust in January 2015.

Thanks to my sister’s love, altruistic nature and unyielding faith, I now have an appreciation and fortitude for unexpected moments, trust with unknown paths of exploration, respect for others choices, and most of all the passion to create value for others. This mind-set and way of being allows me be at ease being uncomfortable and more conscientious of the extraordinary gifts of everyday life.