Perfect Pillows

Red ticking in linen tied cases

Looking into the pillows goes against styling tradition, but it shows the most important features of the pillow and the case. Also, the lifestyle elements of the old wooden stool and the distressed gray wood wall give the pillow shapes a place to be. A great focal point are the vertical lines of the background and the horizontal lines of the ticking. These beautiful shapes would be perfect if you had a cabin, a farm house or wished you did. I don’t know about you, but I had a long time wish for soft linen sheets, and this photo brings my wish back to me.

Grey Decorative Pillows

Stacked and photographed from the side is the conventional way of styling pillows. On the top pillow, the idea of fitting two pillow curves with different size stripe patterns is very clever. Graphic and cushy is perfect, for that is what they are. The elegant yet graphic detailed wall behind the pillows gives them a sense of place and interacts more with the lines in the image.

So we have two sets of Pretty Perfect Pillows