Mt. Riga

Watercolor, Mt. Riga_S. Ang


On the East coast of the U.S., I am surrounded by deciduous trees, ocean and rock formations at waters edge. I am fascinated by the quality and textures created by the light and find natures elements inspiring and meditative. When the calligraphic branches move in the wind, sometimes the leaves change their inherent hue and blend seamlessly with the sky. Of course, this visual dance occurs while blinking and quietly listening to the ambient sounds.

  • opaque shadow under the platform that moves gently with the water, creating the appearance that it is above
  • bright light that strikes the shapes on top of the wave, catching my immediate attention
  • white shapes appear lighter than the shadow
  • What elements do I use to create the 3d illusion on a 2d surface?

The day was nourishing and the water was so cold, I would say, invigorating. When I notice the subtleties, I have the opportunity to diminish my fear of the unknown, increase my peripheral vision and simultaneously enhance my well-being. Great Day at the corner of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts