Nature's Graphic

The beautiful graphic quality of the Tazo tea label photos are inspiring. I’m sure you have noticed that clean graphic elements are the hot new trend. Check out how Tazo did it with natural elements.

The baked Cinnamon apple is my favorite. The sticks turned on its end is a new and different way to show it. The curvilinear lines compliment the roundness of the apple. Isn’t the apple wonderful? Sliced like this, lets you have the interior and exterior colors without too much of the pale interior. I love that it feels almost flat. The stem is the most clarifying touch to keep it an apple. I could go on about each box but I will try and summarize instead.

Whoever styled these managed to take whole organic elements and present them in an appealing graphic way. The teas shaped into square, round or teardrop. The Cocoa mate outside edge is natural and they thought to put the graphic shape on the inside. Well done. Matching up with each tea is a softer natural element shaped to compliment or contrast with the tea.

Check out how Tazo did it with natural elements

I also adore the Iced Passion, with cubes made from the tea. At first glance you know what it is, freezing the other natural elements into cubes keeps the organic and graphic shapes combined.