Little is Enough

What is it about this photo that is so so good? True you can’t see the whole product, but you want to, don’t you?

The hand lets the customer understand the size and thickness of the knit. This close crop really lets us focus on the texture Just looking at the gray sweater we can see that the knit is horizontal on the body and vertical on the sleeve, a very interesting feature that might not show as well if we were farther away. The sleeve length and subtle ombre’ show so much better up close.

  • Is the brown knit a skirt or a blanket? No real way of knowing but everything gives the feel of pure comfort, so it doesn’t matter.
  • What else is left? The hand and nail are simple clean nothing to take your attention away from the product.
  • Now what about the background? I have no idea what it really is which is the point. This textural something or other simply suggests an appropriate environment for the knits, someplace cozy.

True, before I would buy this sweater I would have to see all of it. Just about any simple shot or even a drawing would give me the rest of the information I need because I can already see myself in it, someplace cozy, comfy and warm.