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reposted from skrzacik_foodstove

Images + Ideas

Stephen and I are two professional creatives with diverse experiences who are preoccupied/influenced by brilliant ideas (window displays to astronomy) and refined imagery (master drawings to fiber art). I am in love or as Stephen would say ”have a proclivity for” clever, imaginative, simple ideas when it manages to be atypical – very rare by the way.

A single apple on an ordinary table – simple but dull. How does one make it special, appealing and attention-grabbing?

  • Lighting – subtle light, such as dawn gives it a sense of time
  • Surface – a distressed wooden table for a sense of place, as in an orchard
  • Background – apple green glass to play with the apple color
  • Camera angle that is so close you only see part of the fruit

Add a simple prop for a different meaning:

  • A kitchen knife or Mason jar next to the apple suggests what is going to happen to the fruit, or a child’s hand reaching for the fruit shows innocent desire.

These are nature themed throwaway’s that are just about an apple on a table. Discover with us how the cliché and sometimes unexpected can be used to convey an engaging visual message. We believe the magic visual elixirs are beauty, simplicity and imagination.