A Small Space

You have to love those close up shots. How much can you say with only 6 inches of fabric? This photo explains so much about this product, even if you haven’t heard of Barbour, you can glean a lot about who they are from this image.

• Water conveys its outdoor wear and water-resistant

• The brown zippers and forest green fabric says Menswear

• The Campbell tartan lining expresses traditional

• The even small well-placed stitches reveal quality

Placing the zipper pull next to the pocket zipper expands the visual interest, and places it slightly off-center. I love the movement with the open part of the zipper, it gives it a casual feel and a sense of surprise. Also, the lighting is excellent. The drop off to dark in the corners is beautiful, perhaps, it makes us think of the storm this jacket can protect us from and It’s bright enough so we can see all of the stitching detail.

All of these thoughts from 6 inches of product, and a well composed and styled photograph