Translate Concepts to Reality

  1. Concepts | Design refine what you want to say and do
  2. Photo Styling visual compositions that convey your message

  3. Workshops align concepts and imagery with intention

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to clarify design concepts, present workshops and discover clever ways to align imagery with intention. We believe thinking on the edge of the box and a little humor are the elixirs to refine what you want to say and do. Outdoor exploration and creating in the studio provide Margo and I curious entries for our journal and intriguing conversations on The Arts+Design, Shakespeare, mystery novels and outdoor gardening.

Client Testimonials: "Margo and Stephen are incredibly easy to get along with and their creative input made all the difference". A. Sharon, author & health consultant

"Clarity and Beauty, a rare gift in this world of superfluous bells and whistles. Light Perspectives' work is wonderful and I trust both of them completely". M. Barry, consultant - Princeton Creative

"Everyone should know Light Perspectives; not only for their professional expertise, but genuine interest in sharing valuable knowledge with everyone they meet. Their work is both rich and detail driven.” H. Duffy, architect + creative director - HTD studio

Academic Testimonials

  • Stephen is an inspiring person who not only shows quality in his work, but also in his professionalism and interactions with others Craig, New York
  • Stephen is always attentive and patient. I recommend him as a teacher, friend and mentor Jessica, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Stephens' e-learning curriculum is thoughtful and engaging. He challenges each student to assess their design process and new strategies in reaching their goals Gloria, Hong Kong
  • Professor, Thanks for pushing me to find the "self" Peter, China
  • I learned more than design skills, I also learned how to be a great man and leader "BNE, Switzerland

  • Stephen helped me clarify + develop my personal and business narrative Monica, Australia

all concepts + images copyright Light Perspectives


Photo Stylist + Photo Direction

  • Photo Stylist: still life, table top, home goods, mannequins
  • Photo Director + Project Coordinator: seamless implementation + first-class presentation

  • Timeline: 1995-Present | U.S., Caribbean + Hawaiian Islands

Downtime: Museums, Mystery Novels, 3D design, Hiking

SA portrait mtn top copy 2.jpg

Concept Design

  • Workshops: transforming concepts to images | refining what you want to say and do | 1990 - Present
  • Concept Design: interpret, sculpt, produce, photograph | U.S. + Caribbean Islands | 1990 - Present
  • Emeritus Asst. Professor: Parsons School of Design, NYC | on location + e-learning | 1989-2016
  • Curriculum: conceive, write and instruct | concept design, visual communication, collaborative strategies, watercolor drawing, photo styling | 1990 - Present

Downtime: drawing, music performance, taiji, hiking